BBistrot is a buisiness plan/presentation for a luxury italian restaurant. BBistrot it’s a restaurant, soup shop, light lunch designed for a client who wants to spend an evening dinner with the best itlian cuisine, made with only quality italian products. The BBistrot, it’s a restaurant, that during the day, offers any possibilities to eat; it’s Basket luch in the morning, Light lunch for lunch, and in the evening it’s a Creative restaurant, with the cuisine of an executive famous italian chef, from the Italian chef school.

This document contains a lot of different design elements. The look of the document is studied to be a complete recall of the furniture and menus that can be found in the restaurant.

I visited the local, and touched the menus and the booklets. I studied the best way to imprint the same style of the restaurant in this document: using the colors, the fonts, and the best pictures. I used a lot of vectorial designs to create some of the main natural products that the chefs use in their kitchen. This document was printed for english and a chinese clients.

The Italian cinematoghraphy, the “dolce vita”, and the major Italian fashion brands. There is always a scene with people eating good food. A concept inspired by Italian Fashion and great actors, which have spread and made famous dishes, recipes throughout Italy and worldwide..

all rights of BBistrot and it’s related products belong to Allgeco scpa.

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